Dual Laser Attack Droid


Attack droid

Dual Laser Attack Droid has been designed to a high level and included eight different PBR textures created in Substance Painter. Custom animations can be made for firing the lasers with independent 3D parts. The eight texture sets are 2048x2048 resolution and include Albedo, Metallic, Normal, and Height maps. The model has a vert count of 3168 and does not include LOD's.

The eight texture sets are the following:

  • Chrome blue tint Fabric
  • UCP Fiberglass green
  • Glass film dirty mirror
  • Plastic gloss pure white
  • Plastic thermoformed black
  • Pure gloss white worm paint
  • Stained stainless steel

I will expand the asset pack with custom-painted style artwork - coming shortly. If you have any specific texture set request please let me know. Any scene props seen in the images are not included in the asset pack! If you find any issues or have suggestions, please get in touch with me.

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