Egg Attack is the place to find fun creative apps ranging from games to educational content. To find out more about the Android and iPhone apps available, check out the link located in the main menu above titled "Apps". Just simple click on the app title in the drop down menu and you will be able to find out where the app is available and wether there is a version available online to demo before downloading to your phone. All (most) games can be played online if available.

However I love to be creative and apps are the latest avenue to express my creativity its kind of a story of my progression in learning the skills to provide what you see.

Check out the blog as you can find out about the latest projects and what is in the pipe line.

Please feel free to contact me with feed back or issues you may encounter.

I am also open to improvements and ideas you would like to see in any of my apps.

Have fun and enjoy!

Egg Attack is a great simple challenging game. You have to calculate the time it will take for the egg to hit the ground and also calculate the velocity of your chosen moving target. Not only that you have to judge the distance of the throw by the amount of time you hold the egg down! Its a great challenge and will keep you occupied for hours on end. A must download for anyone wishing to pass 5 minutes waiting for a bus or out on a lunch break. Download it now - Its FREE!

Available on: Google Play, Amazon, slideMe


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